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AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition

AthTek NetWalk concentrates on enterprise network management
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16 May 2013

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An internet corporate network that is always connected to the internet possesses its own share of merits and threats. There are continuous risks of the data being lost, as well as of malicious attacks from external sources. In order to prevent such activities, network administrators usually employ a wide range of advanced techniques for maintaining the security over these networks. A typical network administrator requires a number of tools to know the real time status of the network and users’ activities. AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition v.1.3.52 is a comprehensive application for complete and effective network administration.

AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition by AthTek Software is a shareware program for effective network administration. On the first look, the interface may look complicated to an average user as program features a comprehensive layout consisting of various monitoring tools and utilities. The most prominent utility is the monitoring dashboard which shows the real time status of connection. Apart from this, it displays graphs showing summary of various active network protocols. Hence, this program is designed for an experienced user who can interpret all the information given by the program effectively. It provides a flexible functionality where a particular chart or meter can be closed and opened according to the user’s requirement. It provides real-time data of all the network traffic and activities. It can penetrate various layers of network like physical, transport and application layers showing a summary of network status at different layers. It has an advanced feature of packet sniffing by which you can analyze and block suspicious data packets moving through the network.

To sum up, AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition v.1.3.52 is a feature rich and comprehensive application for monitoring almost all the activities in your network. It helps network administrators to maintain the security and integrity of the network and at the same time, facilitates a detailed analysis of all the network layers and data packets. Hence, it receives a score of four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

AthTek NetWalk is a comprehensive network infrastructure analysis tool which helps in managing, maintaining and troubleshooting all kinds of networks. It is particularly useful for new network administrators who wish to gain in depth knowledge about network infrastructure and management. AthTek NetWalk contains graphical representations of the network with the use of advanced packet sniffing, to help project the network state in statistical and graphical format.

AthTek NetWalk can be used as network intrusion detection system (NIDS). It allows users to set up the alerts to trigger events such as sending an email or message, running programs, etc. If there were doubtful network communication on your network, simply set up a filter in event manage to identify it, even to block it from accessing. AthTek NetWalk can also be used as an education tool for novice to learn network monitoring and packet sniffing knowledge. If you intend to be expert in network monitoring or packet sniffing, you will love this comprehensive networking tool!
AthTek NetWalk is expert in packet sniffing. It works together with Wireshark and WinPcap, and has achieved better performance in packet sniffing and network analysis. AthTek NetWalk supports almost all protocols, including those unnamed ones. It also perfectly support IPv6, which only a few network monitoring tools can deal with. AthTek NetWalk works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
AthTek NetWalk V2.1 includes many features as follow, but not limited to them:
* Intelligent navigation;
* Minimize to notification area;
* Enhanced packet sniffing function;
* Add many built-in sniffing model, such as MSN, Yahoo messenger;
* Optimize the graphical interface;
* Perfectly support IPv6;
* Rich info via Matrix Map lines;
* Support real-time traffic analyzing;
* Upgrade Wireshark functions.
With the complete collection of interactive charts, network administrators can fully track traffic data.
AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition
AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition
Version 2.2.54
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it is so powerful to monitor my network environment
It is really the best network monitor tool that I have used as a network administrator.
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